Tech support tickets

Dave Smith

Having a ticketing system for tech support would be a lot less frustrating than a chat widget. I cant see the status of my issues, if I have an input you require me to do I dont know this or to close a ticket if I find a solution.

Doing things through chat is a painful experience as I have to keep the chat window open, worry I have missed the reply or end up having to go back and forth to check it when I am busy with others things, it's a huge distraction at times.

If I resolve my problem there is no way for me to cancel the ticket and save wasting your time.

I have waited almost a month to get an issue fixed with the credits left circle not displaying on my dashboard. I have had to start 3 conversations, they then have to check, then chat to me, try and fix the problem and go back and forth.

If I could just look at the ticket, I would know where it was at and saved 3 chats that frustrated me waiting for a reply as it is 'live'... which then went to email!

There are plenty of cheap and worthwhile apps that can be used such as Zoho one, Zendesk etc.