NEW REPORT: Find THE Weak Spot(s)


I'm assuming all PPCAdLab data is in MySQL (or some database).

Create a SQL statement or easily a new view table to provide this report/data:

Your KEYWORD has X number of competitors in the following ZIP CODE.

Order by competitors, zip code

do you see how awesome that data is? Just run projects with lots of keywords and zip codes and click 1 button to view this information!!!!

yes, the data is currently already in PPCAdLab, but manually getting it is a nightmare. One-click just to execute a correct SQL statement is much easier :)

PS, your developer will know what I mean by this request. It really is that easy. We don't need a fancy report, just plain text is great too.


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OHhhhh EVEN BETTER... imagine sending out an automated email:

I know which zip code your competitors are NOT IN for ABC keyword!!! Ask me and I'll show you

tell me that will not make money!!!!!!