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Ron Dragushan

When I add a job, I'd like to specify a negative keyword i.e. something not to include in the search. For example, there is a toy store called Mastermind Toys. I want results for masterminds, but not toys so that I don't get this toy store in my results. Support says there is no way to enter a negative keyword into the keywords field. Being able to enter "-toys" in the keywords would make sense to me.


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Scott O'Brien

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Scott O'Brien

Hi Ron, just updating the comment here.
Negatives would not in general make sense in the tool as all it does is a Google search. Ad Lab acts as a search query not a keyword.

As such if you do a search for "masterminds" and a toy store is bidding on that term they will appear in the results - exactly as they would for a normal user searching Google.

Using "-term" in a search works to prevent it from appearing in organic results but does not prevent ads including the term (we've tested) so it seems that this is not possible, as Google doesn't support -'ves in ads (except for the advertise themselves).

Hope that makes sense.





It might be nice to have a short training video on keywords and include whether it makes a difference in using quotes, brackets, etc. We could also get a bit more of an explanation of Search Term Competition and Related Search Terms and how the frequency accuracy varies according to your campaign/job run. How do you use Frequency if you're not running a job 24/7?


Scott O'Brien

hi Vince, you cannot use quotes/brackets etc in PPC Ad Lab as the tool creates search queries not keywords. We've now blocked this inside the tool to avoid confusion.

Noted on the training though and that's a great idea.