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Dave Smith

Currently when I use the white label subdomain in my account it give me a dashboard using my own domain. However, if I use this for a client to login, it has ALL of my clients data, not just that individual client.

This means PPC Ad Lab cant be used as a white label platform unless I manually login and download reports to send to a client, which is very time intensive.

Is there a way to have an individual dashboard that ONLY contains my clients info, removes the roadmap, active jobs and add a new job links on the left. Removing the credits counter would also be beneficial.

At present, PPCAL is not suitable as a White Label platform and needs more research on how this works from an agency and agency client point of view as I don't feel this has been thought about and was the single greatest reason I purchased the programme.

Currently I have stopped using it because it is more of a drain on my time with a lot of simple features missing.

Happy to discuss this further if you wish, just email me.


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Frank Sponsel

Agreed! Great suggestion, Dave.

@Support: As an Agency, we need to have the ability to show segregated views to our clients in case we're at an in-person meeting and they ask something that isn't previously anticipated. Rather than putting them off, it would be much better to have a client profile that we have control of where we can include what we want them to have access to... based on what services we are billing them for. Ideally, it should include a button on our admin portal where we can select to [View as Customer] and switch to their client view so we can remotely see exactly what they are looking at in real-time. Also, I like the idea of including a way to fully customize branding it as our own whitelabel on top, but then set up customer sub-branding on their client profile so they get the extra perception of an upscale experience they can feel better about. WIN/WIN!


Scott O'Brien

Status changed to: In progress