Individual clients own White Label dashboard

Dave Smith

Currently when I use the white label subdomain in my account it give me a dashboard using my own domain. However, if I use this for a client to login, it has ALL of my clients data, not just that individual client.

This means PPC Ad Lab cant be used as a white label platform unless I manually login and download reports to send to a client, which is very time intensive.

Is there a way to have an individual dashboard that ONLY contains my clients info, removes the roadmap, active jobs and add a new job links on the left. Removing the credits counter would also be beneficial.

At present, PPCAL is not suitable as a White Label platform and needs more research on how this works from an agency and agency client point of view as I don't feel this has been thought about and was the single greatest reason I purchased the programme.

Currently I have stopped using it because it is more of a drain on my time with a lot of simple features missing.

Happy to discuss this further if you wish, just email me.