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Is it possible to identify keywords being used by competitors that are not in the list we submit for a job?


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Clint Whitney

This could definitely be workable/integrated with PPC Predict as well. The internal value for having this data is IMO what would really set this tool apart.
Don't have to give all 273K non-converting Solar keywords away, but more than 10 would really help assure the client we can help and here's how -- or that they can take it and do it themselves via subscription releasing like an additional 10 a month via PPCadlab service only. This would REALLY help with retention.
PPCPredict we would obviously just push them on our own.
Hope that makes sense.

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It seems to have the "extra" keywords have some meaningful value, maybe include the Number of times the extra keyword is used in a competitor account?
XYZ Term - Used in 7 competitor accounts
ABC Term - Used in 2 competitor accounts
123 Term - Used in 9 competitor accounts

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Scott O'Brien

Status changed to: In progress