Competitor Alerts for a domain containing a word

Larry Hickman

If any new domain is found that contains specific characters I'd like an alert.

domain contains: servpro
www.servprodenton.com shows up in the scan, I get an alert.


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Christopher B

This feature has the most requests. I am not seeing the benefit yet. Would some quickly explain what I'm missing.


Larry Hickman

The benefit would be better competitor data/info, being able to have our clients avoid fines, and potentially offer this as a service to the parent franchise group so they can more accurately monitor territory policy violations of their franchise groups.

The use case here would be able to get an alert if a specific competitor or a competitor with a specific keyword in their url (such as servpro) shows up in the advertiser results.

Use case: We work with servpro franchises. An example of their urls are servproheb.com, servprodenton.com, servpromedia.com, etc.

It is against the franchise territory policy to advertise in another servpro's zipcodes, which can carry a fine of up to $5K per ad shown.

This would allow us to get an alert when servprodenton.com is showing Ads in zipcodes that are designated by the franchise agreement for servproheb.

Though this could extend to other scenarios, such as their biggest competitors, such as restoration1denton.com showing up in ads as well.

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Scott O'Brien

Status changed to: Planned