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Scott O'Brien

A detailed view of all the statistics, competitors etc for a single advertiser


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Dave Smith

I would add to this.

There has to be a way of getting ALL of the info that is gleaned from a search into a single PDF or a whitelabel dashboard that a client can access.

If I run this on behalf of Acme.com and they want to see all of their competitors info including ads, times, etc. It is not in the least bit practical to have to click on every competitor in turn to look at their info and then back out, click, back in, back out and so on....

I have played with this system for 2 months now and I just can make this work in a practical way that is useful for one of my clients without draining hours of their time.

There is too much data and it is just not displayed in a usable format.

I have stopped using PPCAL now as it is just not useful.

I feel I have wasted $1000.

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Scott O'Brien

Status changed to: In progress